Lenny ha respondido a sus fans.

Hace unas horas, los fans de Lenny Kravitz hemos tenido la oportunidad de hacerle llegar al rockero de Nueva York nuestra preguntas a través de facebook.

Algunas de ellas las ha contestado antes de hacer la prueba de sonido para el concierto que iba a dar en Los Angeles.

Las preguntas han versado sobre temas muy diversos, desde su nuevo trabajo «Black and White America» y otras cuestiones musicales, hasta sus gustos sobre comics o su fe, e incluso mensajes de un antiguo compañero suyo de clase.

Reproducimos la entrevista en el idioma original puesto que es de fácil comprensión.

Si alguien quiere la traducció, gustosos la publicaremos en otro artículo. No teneis más que pedirla.

Question: Armando Biondo-Aguero: What is your favorite song to perform and that has the most meaning to you?

Lenny Kravitz: Let Love Rule because of the message is simple and direct. It’s also the part of the concert where I go out into the audience with the people. No separation.

Question: Lyne Mercier: What exactly is a «Boongie drop»… ?

Lenny Kravitz: Boongie is the Bahamian word for «booty» so ‘Boogie Drop’ is a local style of dance.

Question: Seana Brown-Ward: What drives you the most?

Lenny Kravitz: My passion for music and art

Question: Jamie Leanne Gaines: As a child what comic book hero did you admire most?

Lenny Kravitz: Batman, no doubt!

Q: Melanie Angel Martin: What is the inspiration behind the song «I Can’t Be Without You» ?

LK: That was a song I wrote to God

Q: Patricia M Lopez: Lenny if you could meet anyone who would it be and why?

LK: Jesus Christ, to get the answers

Q: Justin Huehn: Hi Lenny, You played all the instruments on Mama Said. Would you consider recording this way again or do you just do this to demo songs these days?

LK: It’s still how I record

Q: Andy Matthews: Question: Lenny…is this really YOU? C’mon….you KNOW who this is…!!

LK: It is! Is this really you?

Q: Lena Anderson: What was it like working with Prince?

LK: Prince is an amazing artist. He can do anything. We just go where the inspiration takes us.

Q: Jason Holder: if you could record a song with anyone (dead or alive) who would be your choice?

LK: Miles Davis. He was going to play a solo on the «Mama Said» album and passed shortly before the recording.

Q: José Leandro: I’m the kid with the glasses in the 4th grade class photo, I wore a red turtle neck. We wherein Mrs. Goldberg’s class. My name is Jose Leandro. Do remember?

LK: Oh my God! I completely remember you. Before you even said your name, I knew you from the description. I hope life is treating you well. I still stay in touch with Mrs Goldberg from time to time.

Q: Octavia Jude: How do you balance so many projects? Your life is so full and yet you still create so much.

LK: I continuously rotate projects. One medium inspires the others. Therefore I don’t lose inspiration or become tired of them.

Q: Cody Netherland: What is your favorite album of all time?

LK: Stevie Wonder’s «Innervisions»

Q: Elka Gonzalez: What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the mornings?…

LK: Thank God for another day

Q: Gloria Hache: Looking back on this past year what are you most grateful for?

The fact that I got to live another year doing exactly what I love

Q: Tammy Hester: What is your favorite New Edition song?

LK: Candy Girl! Of course!

Q: Stacy Wexler: I really love your fashion sense! I live in Los Angeles, what’s your favorite place to shop?

LK: Church boutique on the corner of Santa Monica and Greenacre… they feature clothing, art and accessories from all over the world

Q: April DeWater Luiz: what book are you reading right now?

LK: I just got Henry James’ «The Turn Of The Screw»

Q: Hayley Wroot: What was your favorite part of playing Cinna in the hunger games

LK: Portraying his compassion

[Gotta go to soundcheck at Kimmel now… one or two more]

Q: Angela Corley: whats the best advice your mom ever gave u?

Contrastes, la mejor excursión de Nueva York. Descubre sus barrios.

LK: To be exactly who I am

Q: Oviedo Veronica: a wish for 2012??

LK: A little more peace and compassion, please.

Thank you all for your questions. Let’s do it again sometimes. Let love rule. Lenny


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